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Narconon UK Heathfield

Welcome to the Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation website

Narconon is a private residential drug & alcohol rehab centre located in the Sussex countryside.

Why choose Narconon?

To help you to make the right choice, let us first have a look at the dictionary definition of rehabilitation:

rehabilitate: To put back in good condition

In the true sense of the word, rehabilitation would mean to restore something that has been lost. In the field of drug and alcohol abuse it would mean to give the person his/her self respect back and to make him/her feel like a valuable member of society.

  • Most addicts were good people before they became addicts.
  • Most addicts have loving partners, family members or friends.
  • Most addicts loved their partners, family members or friends before addiction.
  • Most addicts are not mentally ill.
  • Addiction is not an incurable disease.

You could say that a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme comprises:

  1. Drug-free withdrawal from drugs
  2. Body detoxification from the drugs
  3. The actual rehabilitation of the person through education, therapeutic training routines and handling the WHY somebody started to take drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Call us on 01435 512 460
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Care Quality Commission Rating


Specific and natural nutrition to assist the body to repair and rebuild itself. This can have additional benefits, such as helping the individual to sleep better. Around the clock supervision.


The sauna part of the Narconon programme comprises an exact daily regime of nutritional supplements, supervised exercise and periods of time sweating in a sauna, which combine to assist the body to rid itself of many unwanted and potentially harmful toxins.


An education and training programme that will help the person to get back the control over his/her life.