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Drug and Alcohol Rehab for the UK

Narconon United Kingdom

Can you Die of Drug Withdrawal?

young man with hands over his faceMost programmes nowadays use drugs during withdrawal to help with symptoms, and then later to prevent cravings and relapse. We are proud to offer a different option, a natural alternative for withdrawal.

Certain people addicted to alcohol or benzodiazepines do require the use of some drugs to protect their health during withdrawal, but most people can tolerate drug free withdrawal when given the right support.

At Narconon we immediately begin to supply doses of nutritional supplements to each person every day. These supplements are specifically designed to help the body and mind cope with withdrawal and to rebuild and replenish vital vitamins and minerals that were lost due to drug or alcohol abuse.

Most addicts are in a highly nutritionally worn-out condition due to long term lack of proper care, combined with the depletion many drugs can cause themselves. Nutritional deficiencies themselves can cause a wide range of symptoms both mentally and physically and when combined with withdrawal can cause nasty effects. By supplying the nutrition that is lacking, it helps to stabilize the person both mentally and physically. While a calcium-magnesium drink provides relaxation for the body, easing stress, cramps and muscular pains.

As well as nutritional support, each one of our addicts, or as we call them students, also gets one-on-one support from a withdrawal specialist at Narconon. Walks through our beautiful grounds, and other exercises and activities help to keep the person calm both mentally and physically during this difficult time.

Everyone is given as much support as required to get through, and no one is left to fend for themselves. It creates a tolerable withdrawal that many graduates rave about.

“When I first came in here I was in bits and pieces. I just wanted to look at the floor. I didn’t feel worthy of anyone’s care.
Now I have a smile on my face for sure. Also, I am in a very nice place mentally. I am more aware of how I feel as opposed to the numbness the alcohol was bringing.” J.L.

J.L’s withdrawal took 5 days to complete and he is already onto the New Life Detox. You too could be on your own journey to a potentially drug or alcohol free life. Call today for a confidential chat about your requirements on 01435 512 460.