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Cocaine and Crack Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is extracted from coca leaves and was originally developed as a painkiller. When it is in powder form it is known as cocaine and when in crystal form it is known as crack cocaine.
Cocaine is known as one of the most dangerous drugs out there because once you have taken it, it has proven almost impossible to get out of its physical and mental grip on you. It has many names, a couple of common ones are coke or nose candy.
Crack cocaine comes in blocks or crystals and varies between yellow, pale pink and white. It is heated and smoked and gets its name from the cracking sound it makes as it is heated. Crack cocaine is usually from 75% pure which is drastically stronger than normal cocaine, because of this and the fact it is smoked it is a lot more potent, as smoking it allows the drug to reach the brain faster and therefore bring about a more intense, though shorter high. For this reason, people often get hooked after only one try. It is also commonly known as dice or jelly beans though there are many, many other names.
The physical and mental effects of coke and crack cocaine are the same, though in crack they can be stronger or more immediate.
Some of the short term effects are bizarre erratic violent behaviour, hallucinations, feeling that things are burrowing under the skin, intense euphoria, paranoia, depression, panic, convulsions, increased heart rate, disturbed sleep and the list goes on.
In the long term it is just as bad, effects can be high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, liver, kidney and lung damage, respiratory failure, severe tooth decay, hallucinations, disorientation, exhaustion, psychosis and death.
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