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Drug and Alcohol Rehab for the UK

Narconon United Kingdom

Life Skills Courses

Life Skill CoursesThe last part of the Narconon Programme consists of a series of Life Skills Courses. These courses can help give the individual the tools they need so that they may remain drug free.

Here students describe what they got from the Life Skills Courses:

“I feel much better after the life skills course. It was really hard for me to trust somebody before, or meet new people, because of things that happened in the past with me. But now I feel much stronger now. I will know who to be friends with; I can choose the right people to have in my life now.

The life skills courses taught me a lot about how to handle myself and my problems. All of my problems came because of the alcohol and drugs, and that’s why I was lonely. I know I won’t be lonely again, because I won’t do stupid things again. My communication got strengthened too.” I.B

“This course has helped me recognize and understand the people and conditions that were causing me to binge drink initially and later do it daily.

I now understand/know what the triggers were for my binge drinking and I now know, after being away from them and able to examine them, how to recognize these triggers and find other outlets to deal with my anxiety and stress. I have always been my “own worst enemy” and I want to start being my “own best friend”.

Knowing these triggers; I can not only recognize them when they are happening, but can anticipate them, so that I am better prepared mentally to deal with them if and when they arise. While I knew what was happening around me and what it was causing me to do; I could not properly deal with it then. Now I know I can!” K.S

“Insanity by definition is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting a different result. I have tried so many things to get clean in the past but have always gone back to drugs.

I realized that I have lived within insanity for years telling myself that “this time it will be different”.

It never was. I always got the same result and that was a broken, damaged sense of self and chaos surrounding me.

Today is different. I have a fresh start and a new perspective, a new way of doing things that I have not done before.

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

I’m changing my life from here on and making sure I don’t do the things I have always done.” A.W

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