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Drug and Alcohol Rehab for the UK

Narconon United Kingdom

New Life Detoxification

The New Life Detoxification is a combination of exercise, sweating in adry-heat sauna and a carefully monitored regimen of hydration and nutrition.

We are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis, but for those who have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, the toxicity level can be significantly greater. In many cases, students report that the results are not just physical.The advantages in mental and emotional health are also evident, as described here by Narconon students:

“When I first started the New Life detoxification programme I was cynical about the effects that the process could achieve, but after a few days of being on the course I was experiencing the negative effects of radiation and toxins that I had had in my body and so changed my viewpoint.At the beginning of this process I felt drained and lethargic, but by the end I feel like a new person, I feel I am healthier, stronger and clearer in my mind. During the middle part of the course I experienced heightened drug cravings and clear signs that the drugs were coming out of my system, this led me to be very emotional, I carried on and now have a great sense of accomplishment. I didn’t enjoy it at all but understood that ultimately they were coming out of my body and system and this made the process worth while. “A.W.

“At the end of the sauna program, I feel like I want to write a success story about what I have gained from the detoxification.

When I started the program I couldn’t imagine what bad stuff could be inside me, or how I would feel after, but in time I had a lot different reactions, like I felt alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and even a lot of radiation coming out of me.

Before I started I was really tired in the mornings all the time, had no energy in the afternoons and sometimes I couldn’t even sleep. Now it’s much different. I feel that these things came out of me and it made a huge difference. I wake up in the mornings freshly and happy. I feel more energetic in the afternoons, and Ifall asleep straight away when I go to my bed.

Lately, I was using drugs and alcohol because I was bored or I couldn’t do anything that made me happy or interested! Now I feel that I don’t need any substance to go out and spend my time usefully and entertained, I’ve even started to go to the gym after 3 years; it’s a big deal for me. I honestly feel like that I am reborn and regenerated. THANK YOU NARCONON!!” I.B

“It’s gone beyond my wildest dreams I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is.

I personally feel mentally and physically revitalised. I feel like I did when I was 16 when I hadn’t had a girlfriend, got a job, taken no drugs or alcohol. That’s how I feel now.

Everyday I went into the sauna I felt like a broken man, but I never even stopped for a cigarette break. I feel spot on now. You can see I’ve got a big smile on my face.” J.L.

To find out more about the New Life Detoxification and how it can help you, call one of our consultants on 01435512 460