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Drug and Alcohol Rehab for the UK

Programme Purpose and Exit Strategy

The purpose of the Narconon drug rehabilitation programme is to support individuals who choose to abstain from addictive substantives, by teaching them how to obtain sobriety, develop essential abilities (repair relationships, become honest, identify and solve problems, and create a plan to increase enjoyment of life), and work toward long-term satisfaction and quality of life in recovery.

This is a social education model of rehabilitation for drug dependence. Graduates have learned to identify and gain control over problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviours; and how to replace disability caused by drug use with new abilities, or new skills for life. To help the graduate apply these new found skills, and to identify any environmental risk that could lead to recidivism, Narconon has a Routine Outcome Monitoring system which monitors the graduates once they have left Narconon. In the first three months this is weekly. After three months this becomes fortnightly, then at six months we monitor the graduate once a month for a minimum of 18 months. A supervisor is also assigned to each graduate and stays in regular communication with them during this period. This affords Narconon an opportunity to identify problems the graduate may encounter and helps them resolve these difficulties. Sometimes this may involve the help of external agencies such as probation, social services, medical professionals, etc.

An ongoing part of the exit programme is supervision of Life Skills courses with the Life Skills supervisor. This ensures the graduate gets support to navigate the difficulties they have identified during the programme.

The Narconon programme includes family liaison and support both during and after the graduate has left Narconon.
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