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Drug and Alcohol Rehab for the UK

Narconon Rehabilitation - Life Skills

Rehabilitation at Narconon - The Narconon Life Skills Courses

Care Quality Commission Rating Once a person has cleaned their body out through the Sauna programme it is time to go to work on the person themselves. Most people who become addicts are using the addiction to deal with part of their life. Over 40 years of practice has proven that these courses are the courses that can help put their addiction in the past. After these courses the person will be able to deal with their life better.

The NARCONON programme gives great emphasis to improving a person’s ability to deal with life. Some of the areas addressed are communication skills, study skills, integrity, anti-social versus social people, goals and social conduct. The result is an individual more comfortable with his life and able to do well. The practice of these skills is extremely therapeutic in and of itself.


Narconon Objectives

Following drug-free withdrawal and New Life Detoxification, the Narconon student moves on to the Objectives. Drugs dull a person’s awareness and throws him out of communication with his environment. Objectives help bring the student into communication with others and with the present environment, extroverting the student’s attention from disturbing memories associated with drug use and enabling the student to achieve a wider perspective that is less subjective and more objective. Students have reported being able to view the world around them more clearly, often for the first time in years.

During various stages of the programme, Objectives are done each day to help keep the student’s attention off the past and on the present.

On the Objectives, students also learn skills they can use to help them comfortably face life and resolve problems through communication.


Our goal is long-term success for each individual. After Withdrawal and New Life Detox, students report feeling remarkably better and so are ready for the final programme elements.

Effective practise and learning can help lead to stability, self-respect and return of personal values. Just like physical skills, life skills can be learned.

The final component of the programme consists of a series of Life Skills Courses. These courses seek to give the individual tools to help him remain drug-free.


Narconon Life Skills - Ups & Downs

To avoid situations that might lead to drug use in the future, students must be able to identify true friends and the positive people in their lives and, to isolate those likely to lead them back into trouble. On this course, students can learn how poor decisions regarding friends and acquaintances damaged their lives in the past and how to make better choices in the future.


Narconon Life Skills - Personal Values

On the Personal Values Course, students learn how personal values can be lost and how to restore them. Many students have come to recognise their actual obligations in life. They learn a procedure that helps them to take more responsibility for their past misdeeds and thereby gain relief from the associated trauma and guilt connected with them. At the end of this course, many students reported leaving the past behind and moving forward into a positive future.


Narconon Life Skills - Changing Conditions

Because drug and alcohol use often stems from an inability to deal with challenging situations, it is vital that former addicts learn constructive problem-solving skills that assist them to lead drug-free lives. This course further educates students in procedures that can be followed to help correct things in the past so they are no longer a problem in the present, learning precise steps to move their lives forward.

Once a person has completed this last course they are then ready to graduate from the programme.


NarcononInstruction Films

A series of instructional films are presented to students during the programme, demonstrating visually the theory and procedure of each aspect of the technology that underlies the components of the programme and how these are all intended to work together to help lead the individual out of addiction to a new drug-free state.


As with any drug rehabilitation programme, success is not guaranteed. A major determining factor is the desire and perseverance of the student in achieving a drug-free life.

Overcoming addiction takes time and commitment. Students progress through the Narconon programme at their own pace, most taking 12 weeks. This gives students the time and support they need to rebuild new lives from the ground up and with strong foundations, to replace the lives destroyed by drugs or alcohol.

Narconon staff are specially trained to help each student at every step of the programme. They are with the person and available throughout withdrawal, the New Life Detoxification and the Life Skills Courses.

For the family of the student who progresses through the programme honestly and thoroughly, the end result can be regaining their loved one, while the end result for the Narconon graduate is the opportunity to live a fulfilling, productive drug-free life.

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