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Narconon United Kingdom

The World is so Much Brighter

young man smiling“It’s hard to explain exactly what has been going on as it has taken me some time to recognize good feelings which have been absent for so long. I had become so unused to any kind of stability, calm, positivity or hope.

The last few days I have felt much more still in my surroundings, more in control of my own thoughts and have felt strength so as to not be so utterly despaired by the bad things that have been taking place and all the emotional baggage that has added up recently.

I have also realized that I am not as bad a person as I had recently come to believe, and to stop punishing myself for not fitting with other people’s expectations and considerations for my existence.

 I am learning once more to appreciate and value my difference and ideas. Also I am aware that maybe I am not as disliked as I thought.I used to feel like everyone hid what they really thought of me, but now I feel lots of affinity from other people which has made the world so much brighter.

I have also realized that I shouldn’t even care if people do or don’t like me, that I need to be the person that makes me happy, I’ve become so much more comfortable with confronting people and situations.” IL